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House For Rent In Sanctuary Lakes

Finding the perfect rental home in Sanctuary Lakes can be a real challenge. With 247 houses waiting to be your next abode, there’s plenty to choose from. This article will guide you through the process, making it smooth and stress-free.

Dive in for top tips on securing your Sanctuary Lakes haven!

Key Takeaways

  • Sanctuary Lakes offers a variety of homes for rent, including houses, townhouses, and apartments at different prices with the average being $2,000 AUD per square meter.
  • Renters in Sanctuary Lakes enjoy many perks like beautiful lake views, parks, shopping centers, schools nearby, and a family-friendly community with 24/7 security.
  • To find a rental property in Sanctuary Lakes use websites like Domain or work with local real estate agents; also understand your lease agreement and tenancy rights to ensure a smooth renting experience.
  • Before moving into a rental home in Sanctuary Lakes, budget for all costs including utilities and inspect the property thoroughly while knowing both landlord and tenant responsibilities.
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Overview of Sanctuary Lakes and Surrounding Suburbs

house for rent in sanctuary lakes


Nestled in the heart of Melbourne’s thriving western corridor, Sanctuary Lakes is a picturesque community where renters can find an array of properties – from modern townhouses to family-sized houses and chic apartments.

With market trends showing varied average prices, this suburb along with its neighbours provides ample choices for different budgets and lifestyles.

Popular rental property types (houses, townhouses, apartments)

In Sanctuary Lakes, there are lots of houses, townhouses, and apartments to pick from. You can find 485 houses that offer a lot of space and privacy. For those who want something smaller, there are 23 townhouses.

They give you your own place but are often closer to neighbors. Then there are the 33 apartments which might suit people who like living high up with less work keeping it tidy.

People looking for a place nearby have options too. In Point Cook, next door to Sanctuary Lakes, you’ll see two-bedroom houses ready for rent at different prices. Whether you need a big house or just a cozy spot for yourself, finding the right home in this area is easy with all these choices!

Average prices in the area

Houses, townhouses, and apartments in Sanctuary Lakes can cost different amounts. The average price for a space here is about $2,000 AUD per square meter. This number comes from looking at many homes in the area.

It’s good to know this is less than what most places in Australia ask for. Across the country, people usually pay around $3,000 AUD per square meter.

Knowing the costs helps you understand how much money you might spend if you want to live here. Keep an eye on property market trends too. These trends tell us if prices are going up or down over time.

This info can help you decide when it’s a smart move to rent a house in Sanctuary Lakes.

Benefits of Renting in Sanctuary Lakes

house for sale in sanctuary lakes

Enjoy unparalleled access to Sanctuary Lakes’ exclusive amenities, including lush parks, comprehensive shopping centres, and top-tier schools. Relish the tranquil lake views and expansive outdoor areas perfect for recreational activities.

Welcome yourself into a community renowned for its family-oriented atmosphere where safety and neighborliness are paramount.

Access to amenities and facilities (parks, shopping centers, schools)

Living in Sanctuary Lakes means you can walk to beautiful parks, shop at great stores, and send your kids to good schools. With 16 hectares of green spaces and lots of trees, there’s plenty of room to play and relax outside.

The town center is right across from the resort, so grabbing groceries or having a fun shopping day is super easy.

Families love that everything they need is close by. Schools are just around the corner for a quick drop-off before work. Plus, with buses and trains not far away, getting around is simple.

And because it’s all well cared for by the Owners Corporations Act, you can be sure that the community areas stay nice and clean for everyone to enjoy.

Beautiful lake views and outdoor spaces

Sanctuary Lakes boasts stunning waterfront views that make every day feel special. Imagine stepping outside to breathe in the fresh air with scenic lakefront scenes right at your doorstep.

The serene waterfront is perfect for quiet moments alone or lively gatherings with friends and family. Homes here often come with beautiful outdoor spaces where you can kick back, relax, and soak up nature’s beauty.

Outdoor living space is a big plus in Sanctuary Lakes. You get to enjoy entertaining alfresco under magnificent covered areas that look out onto breathtaking skyline vistas. This tranquil outdoor setting is an ideal spot for morning coffees or evening barbecues, providing a picturesque bay view backdrop that renters love.

Renting a house here means embracing an outdoor lifestyle wrapped in luxury and natural charm.

Family-friendly community

Sanctuary Lakes is a top choice for parents and kids. The area has 24/7 security teams keeping everyone safe, day and night. This means parents worry less while children play outside on the quiet streets or in child-friendly parks.

Families love living here because there’s lots of space to have fun and learn together. Schools are nearby, so getting to class is easy. After school, there are shops where families can grab what they need without going far from home.

Plus, with security patrols looking out for them, people feel extra safe in this strong family community.

How to Find a Rental Property in Sanctuary Lakes

Navigating the rental market in Sanctuary Lakes can be simplified by utilizing popular online property platforms, engaging with knowledgeable local real estate agents, and comprehending the details of lease agreements to ensure a smooth tenancy experience.

Popular rental websites

Looking for a house to rent in Sanctuary Lakes is easier with lots of websites to choose from. You can see what’s out there on big sites like Domain, which has over 500 properties near Sanctuary Lakes listed.

If you want more options, try Property.com.au where they have around 247 houses waiting for someone to call them home.

Homely also shows you around 245 rental homes and apartments in the area, so you’ve got plenty of choices. Don’t forget about local experts either; Sanctuary Lakes Real Estate has exclusive listings with 26 places that might be just right for you.

With these tools at your fingertips, finding the perfect spot in this lovely neighborhood can be a smooth ride!

Working with a real estate agent

Working with a real estate agent can make your search for the perfect house to rent in Sanctuary Lakes much easier. Agents know about properties that might not be listed online yet.

They have all the details on rental prices and what each place offers. Real estate agencies in Point Cook, like .Est, are experts at selling and leasing homes in the area.

A good agent will listen to what you need and find houses that fit your budget and wishes. They also help with lease agreements, making sure everything is clear. Reliance Real Estate is known for being great at managing properties.

They’ll guide you through every step, from looking at homes to moving in.

Understanding lease agreements and rental terms

Lease agreements are important papers you sign when you want to rent a house. They say things like how long you can stay, how much money you pay the landlord, and other rules. It is like making a promise with the landlord about living in their house.

You should read every part of this agreement carefully so there’s no trouble later on.

Knowing what your lease says helps keep everyone happy—you and your landlord. If something in the agreement does not make sense, ask someone who knows about renting houses for help before you sign it.

Good property management services from Sanctuary Lakes or Point Cook can also help explain things and find just the right place for you to live.

Tips for Renting a House in Sanctuary Lakes

  1. Tips for Renting a House in Sanctuary Lakes: Secure your Sanctuary Lakes dream home with smart budget planning; familiarise yourself with both tenant and landlord responsibilities, inspect keenly before signing leases, and stay informed about your tenancy rights.

Dive deeper to master the art of renting in this coveted location.

Budgeting for rent and utilities

Budgeting for your new home in Sanctuary Lakes means setting aside money each week for rent and the cost of running the house. The starting price for rental properties here is about $300 per week.

You need to think about other bills too, like electricity, water, gas, and internet. These are called utilities and they’re extra costs on top of rent.

It’s smart to add up all these housing costs before you agree to a lease agreement. This way you know if you can afford it with your budget. If you plan well, paying for your accommodation won’t be a big worry and you can enjoy living in this nice place without stress.

Understanding landlord and tenant responsibilities

Landlords and tenants each have jobs to do when renting a house in Sanctuary Lakes. The landlord must keep the home safe and fix problems quickly. They use property managers to help find good people to live in their houses.

Tenants need to pay rent on time, take care of the home, and follow community rules. Both sides must know what’s written in the lease agreement because it says what they can and can’t do.

When you live in Sanctuary Lakes, everyone who owns a lot is part of the owners corporation. This group makes sure the place stays nice for all families. The landlords pass their rights and duties from these community guidelines onto renters through tenancy agreements.

So, renters should understand these too before moving into their new homes by the lake.

Inspecting the property before signing a lease

Ensure you see the house in Sanctuary Lakes before saying yes to the lease. This property viewing is a key step. Look at every room and check things like taps, lights, and appliances work well.

Ask about property maintenance and who fixes things when they break. Reading the lease agreement carefully tells you your rights and what you must do as a tenant.

Check how long the lease will last and if you can renew it later. Make sure everything promised about the house’s condition is true during your rental property walkthrough. If something isn’t right, talk to your real estate agent or landlord right away to fix issues before moving in.

Knowing your rights as a tenant

As a tenant in Sanctuary Lakes, you have rights that protect you. The law says your landlord must give you the Victorian Government’s Renting Guide. This guide tells you what you and your landlord can and cannot do.

It is important to know these rules to keep things fair.

Before renting a house, check the lease agreement carefully. It lists all the details of your stay like how long it will be and how much rent you need to pay. If something breaks or needs fixing, your landlord has responsibilities to repair it as stated by property rental laws.

You also have protection against unfair rent increases and being kicked out for no good reason. Make sure you understand everything so that living in Sanctuary Lakes can be enjoyable without any problems with where you live.


Finding a house for rent in Sanctuary Lakes is an exciting chance to join a welcoming community. With beautiful views and lots of things to do, it’s a great place to live. Remember to check out different websites and talk with real estate agents.

Make sure you understand the lease before you sign. Enjoy your new home in this lovely area!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, some houses for rent in Sanctuary Lakes allow pets but check with the landlord first.

The price to rent a house in Sanctuary Lakes varies, so it’s best to look at rental listings or ask real estate agents for current prices.

Yes, there are schools near houses for rent in Sanctuary Lakes making it good for families with kids

Sanctuary Lakes is considered safe and has community security features that make it safer.

Lease lengths can vary, but typically landlords ask tenants to sign leases that last 6-12 months.