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Land For Sale Point Cook

Finding the perfect plot of land in Point Cook, VIC 3030 for your dream home can seem challenging amid a bustling real estate market. With 229 vacant lands on offer, Point Cook presents an array of choices for potential buyers.

Our blog will guide you through the process, helping to match you with that ideal piece of land. Discover how easy it is to secure your future in this vibrant community.

Key Takeaways

  • Point Cook has 229 pieces of land for sale with different prices and in many estates like Boardwalk and Saltwater Coast.
  • The place is popular, with house prices going up by 10% last year. It also has a low vacancy rate, meaning homes get filled quickly.
  • There are good schools nearby like Alamanda College, which makes families want to live here even more.
  • To buy the right land in Point Cook, set a budget, learn about popular estates and future area plans, and use online tools to help you choose.
Commercial Real Estate Point Cook: A Booming Market for Investors

Overview of Land for Sale in Point Cook, VIC

big land for sale in Point Cook

In Point Cook, VIC, the market presents a diverse range of 229 vacant lands for purchase, with options stretching across various price points and nestled within sought-after estates that boast rapid growth and investment allure.

Number of vacant lands available

There are 714 empty blocks ready for someone to buy in Point Cook, VIC. People looking for a place can also find 65 land and development spots up for sale. If you want more choices, there’s even more good news: Homely lists 927 pieces of land waiting for owners in the same area.

Finding land here might seem hard with all these options. But don’t worry! With so many vacancies, you’re sure to discover the perfect spot that fits what you need and how much money you can spend.

Estate agents will help you search through the listings and pick out a great piece of land just right for building your dream home or starting a new project.

Price range

Land in Point Cook comes at various prices to meet different budgets. You can find blocks of land for around $2,000 AUD per square meter. With 927 options on Homely and even more on Domain, there’s a good mix to pick from.

Whether you’re looking for something more affordable or ready to invest in premium land, Point Cook has it all. Each plot offers unique features, so buyers have the freedom to choose based on what they value most – be it size, location or potential for growth.

Make sure you check out what’s available and compare the choices before making your decision.

Popular estates in the area

Boardwalk Estate is a place where you can find lots to build on. These pieces of land come in sizes from 179m² to 317m². The prices for these spots start at $349,000. Another spot people like a lot is Saltwater Coast.

This estate has more than 1900 homes and big areas of wetlands and parks that families enjoy.

Nearby, Windermere stands out too. Here, they offer houses and land together, which Melbourne’s top builders have designed. People looking to set up their homes often choose this estate for its community feel and modern designs.

Benefits of Living in Point Cook

land for sale Point Cook

Residents of Point Cook enjoy a thriving real estate market, benefit from the area’s low vacancy rates, have access to numerous quality schools and are just a short drive away from various neighboring suburbs.

High demand for real estate

Lots of people want to buy houses in Point Cook. This makes the land sell fast and prices go up. In the last year, house prices here went up by 10%. It’s not easy to find big, nice homes because everyone wants them.

The whole Melbourne area is seeing more buyers who want good quality places to live.

The good homes in Point Cook are selling quickly. With a median price of $749,500 based on recent sales, it shows that this place is popular for living and investing. If you’re looking at land for sale here, you might need to act fast because there’s a lot of interest from others too.

Low vacancy rate

Homes in Point Cook are filling up fast. The vacancy rate is really low, at just 2.1%. This means not many homes are empty and waiting for people to move in. People want to live here so they take available houses quickly.

Melbourne’s bigger picture shows a super tight rental market too. Vacancy rates dropped from 1.7% down to just 0.9%.

Because of this, if you buy land in Point Cook, you will likely find it easy to rent out or sell your house later on. Many people looking for a place will be interested in your property which can be great for sales and investments.

Nearby schools

Point Cook offers great schools for kids to learn and grow. Alamanda College is one of these schools and it’s very well-known in the area. Families often want land in Point Cook so their children can go to a good school like this one.

The school zone for Alamanda College is something people really look for when they choose a place to live.

Many families think about the schools around before buying land in Point Cook. They know that having good schools nearby is important. With places like Alamanda College close by, parents feel good about moving here because they know their children will have a quality education.

Surrounding suburbs

Surrounding suburbs near Point Cook offer a mix of homes to choose from. Some areas have big houses with yards, while others have smaller homes or apartments. This means people with different needs and money to spend can find a place that works for them.

These places are good for families because there are schools and parks close by.

Getting around is easy because there are good roads and public transport options available. For example, the Windermere estate is not far from Point Cook and has special deals where you can get a new house built for you as part of buying land there.

Builders who know what they’re doing design these houses to be nice places to live in.

Tips for Purchasing Land in Point Cook

When purchasing land in Point Cook, set a budget and adhere to it, thoroughly investigate sought-after estates, consider the implications of future area developments, and harness online platforms for comprehensive research.

Know your budget

Having a clear budget is crucial when looking to buy land in Point Cook. The average price per square meter can guide you, but prices may vary based on location and size. Make sure you know exactly how much you can spend before you start searching.

Think about extra costs like building plans, permits, and other fees too.

It’s smart to talk with banks or money experts who know about home loans if you need one. They’ll help figure out what amount fits your budget best. Stick to this number while choosing your land so that the cost is comfortable for you now and later on as well.

Research popular estates

Check out the estates made by Satterley, a big developer in Victoria. They’re known for making great communities with everything you need. Point Cook has some of these awesome places to live.

Look for the ones that Reliance Real Estate knows best—they sell and look after lots of homes in Point Cook.

Find out what’s planned for the future around these areas too. It’s smart to know if new shops or parks are coming. This can make living there even better and it might mean your land will be worth more later on!

Consider future development plans

Think about Point Cook’s future when buying land. Big plans guide how the area will grow. They change sometimes, like after Amendment GC75. Knowing these plans can help you pick a good spot.

Look for areas where new schools or shops might pop up because of the Development Contributions Plan (DCP). This means your land could get more valuable as things build up around it.

Plus, with better roads and parks coming, living in Point Cook will just keep getting better. Make sure you understand all this to make a smart buy.

Utilize online resources

To find great land for sale in Point Cook, jump online. Use websites and search tools to see what’s out there. You can check prices, sizes, and where the land is on a map. Plus, you get to read about what might be built nearby in the future.

These online places also give reports on how Point Cook is doing in terms of buying and selling homes. They show trends, who lives there, and other useful stuff for making a good choice.

Always use these digital helpers—they’re like treasure maps leading you to the best spots!


Point Cook is booming and land here is hot property. With a range of prices and estates, there’s something for everyone. The area promises growth, making it perfect for building your dream or investing.

Remember to check out all the options and plan well before you buy. Demand is high, so if Point Cook sounds right for you, don’t wait too long to make your move!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can find different pieces of land for sale in the Point Cook area.

In Point Cook, there are many kinds of land for sale that you might like, such as blocks ready to build on or larger lots.

To buy land, first figure out what kind of place you want, then talk to a real estate agent or look online for sales in the area.

Buying land can be smart because the value might go up later. Think about what is right for you and maybe ask an expert before deciding.